Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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New, Old and Random News New, Old and Random News

New, Old and Random News

Tor have announced the official release date of 'A Memory of Light' the final Wheel of Time novel. Orbit have a bit of egg on their faces as it's not November 2012 but, January 8 2013! All whinging should be directed towards them for setting a date they had no control over.

"A Memory of Light is one of the most important titles that Tor will ever publish. Many of the principal players have been involved with the series since its inception, including Publisher Tom Doherty and Editor Harriet McDougal, who worked with Robert Jordan on all of his books, and who is working with Brandon Sanderson, the writer finishing the series from Robert Jordan’s outline and his notes. This is a landmark publication not just for Tor but for millions of fans of the late Robert Jordan, who eagerly await the conclusion to his epic tale. Everyone involved with the project is committed to making this an ending to remember."

If you bought Feist's latest 'A Crown Imperilled', you might want to take it back as Voyager are recalling it due to an error.
"Sometimes things go wrong in the complex process of publishing a book, but we do try to keep it to a minimum! This time a glitch has slipped through our safety net, and unfortunately it’s in the otherwise wonderful A Crown Imperilled. We at Voyager are not only the publishers of Ray’s work, we are also his fans, so this pains us deeply. We would like to apologise wholeheartedly for any inconvenience the error may have caused you. We are aware of the fault, and are correcting it in the reprint. For a new copy, you should take the book back to the store from which you purchased it and they will exchange it for a credit or a replacement, when they are available. The corrected edition is identifiable by a jewel printed on the inside front jacket flap."
Joe Abercrombie posted a synopsis of his next book due for release this year.
“Shy South comes home to her farm to find a blackened shell, her brother and sister stolen, and knows she’ll have to go back to bad old ways if she’s ever to see them again.  She sets off in pursuit with only her cowardly old step-father Lamb for company.  But it turns out he’s hiding a bloody past of his own.  None bloodier.  Their journey will take them across the lawless plains, to a frontier town gripped by gold fever, through feuds, duels, and massacres, high into unmapped mountains to a reckoning with ancient enemies, and force them into alliance with Nicomo Cosca, infamous soldier of fortune, a man no one should ever have to trust…”
I'm going to go buy some Baskins & Robbins.smiley